Capabilities & Expertise

Global site capabilities RUC

Road User Charging
EROAD’s flexible RUC solution can be applied to any road network to support distance, mass, time, location, emission based and interoperable vehicle charging.

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Global site capabilities Fuel

Fuel Tax
EROAD’s progressive solution around fuel and fuel taxes delivers a significant savings potential for our motor carrier clients and reduces the administrative burden for all parties through automation.

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Global site capabilities ELD HOS

EROAD’s solution has been designed to be flexible and capable of supporting different jurisdictional HOS rule sets and technical requirements.

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Global site capabilities H S

Health & Safety
EROAD’s solution helps enhance driving behaviour, encourages safer journeys and vehicles, using technology to support and supervise drivers remotely.

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Data insights

Data Insights
EROAD collaborates with transportation planners and research partners to develop new tools to improve the evaluation of transportation projects, economic forecasting, business planning, risk and insurance analysis, logistics and sector benchmarking.

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