EROAD launches Clarity Solo Dashcam

Transportation technology services company EROAD (NZX/ASX: ERD) announced today the launch of EROAD Clarity Solo Dashcam which will be showcased at the American Trucking Association MC&E show in Nashville Tennessee this weekend.  Clarity Solo is a single, connected, and cost-effective video solution that delivers more operational visibility while promoting driver safety and protection from false claims. 

EROAD Clarity Solo makes it easier for carriers to configure and implement video telematics into more asset and fleet types - ranging from national and regional mixed fleets to local short haul heavy and light commercial vehicle (LCV) fleets, like construction, waste management and distribution vehicles.  

EROAD has also added contactless Near Field Communication (NFC) log-on technology to its dashcam that associates all video and telematics to a specific driver. In addition, EROAD Clarity Solo provides a more agile search system which enables video search based on vehicle location.  EROAD’s Clarity Solo dashcam enables carriers the flexibility to implement the solution alongside any fleet management system and EROAD customers have the benefit of integrating the standalone dashcam with existing EROAD solutions.

”We are proud to be expanding our video telematics offering with the launch of EROAD Clarity Solo Dashcam“ said EROAD CEO Steven Newman. “EROAD expects sales of dashcams to accelerate with the launch of this new stand-alone dashcam product (with no in-cab requirement for a pre-installed Ehubo unit) which significantly increases the addressable market.”   

Following the launch, sales of EROAD Clarity Solo will commence in this quarter.



Authorised for release to the NZX and ASX by Mark Heine, EVP, General Counsel. 


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