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The EROAD solution helps our customers improve productivity, simplify compliance and drive down costs. But don’t take our word for it - see what our customers have to say!

Customer testimonials

Angel Transport
"Our trucks are fully branded with Angel Transport, if a driver chooses to affect that branding by speeding, I will take any precaution, any device to make sure our employees go back home safe to their families. EROAD has been more than beneficial to the Angel Transport business."

PBT Transport
"The electronic side of the business is huge, you can’t imagine how you would manage a business of this size without EROAD."

McConnell Dowell
As Fleet & Procurement Manager, Simon Batchelor looks after the light vehicle fleet at McConnell Dowell Constructors. “EROAD’s improved safety in a major way because our drivers are now aware of over speed events so they’ve all slowed down.” Watch the video to find out how EROAD has improved safety at McConnell Dowell.

Machinery Movers Ltd
EROAD Driver Insight report provides your drivers with a summary of their driving performance and highlights areas for improvement. By identifying specific issues and key messages, it makes it easy to empower your drivers to adopt safe driving habits.

Creating a safe workplace is a key goal for all of our customers. A commitment to safety best practice means identifying areas of risk in your business, and applying controls to eliminate or minimise them.

EROAD product videos

EROAD ETrack Wired
The ETrack Wired is an easily installed, discreet and durable tracking device that connects to your plant’s power system and provides accurate reporting of engine hours and location with accuracy and high frequency.

EROAD Leaderboard
EROAD Leaderboard allows you to benchmark drivers within your organisation against industry benchmarks, ranking them on key driver metrics. You can use the insights provided by Leaderboard to support driver training and reward programmes, helping your organisation improve driver retention and meet your duty of care obligations.

EROAD Service and Maintenance
EROAD Service and Maintenance simplifies vehicle maintenance with automated service scheduling based on time lapsed, distance travelled or engine hours, plus a full service history archive. This solution provides tools you need to operate a compliant fleet, it provides the ability to reduce fleet downtime and operating costs, and has the capability to drive vehicle health insights.

MyEROAD Dashboard
MyEROAD Dashboard enhances MyEROAD’s ease of use by introducing a mobile-friendly suite of widgets that consolidates key fleet metrics onto a single view dashboard.

Health & safety made easy with EROAD
EROAD can help you with an easy-to-use system you can rely on, that simplifies drivers’ health and safety compliance.

EROAD Leaderboard
EROAD’s Leaderboard provides you with an inside view of your fleet based on key driver metrics, enabling you to set up effective driver training and reward programmes. 

EROAD Drive Buddy
Drive Buddy supports safe driving by providing real-time feedback on a visual display. Drive Buddy’s screen shows accurate vehicle speed, alerting drivers using a simple system of green/amber/red icons. Harsh braking, sharp cornering and unnecessary idling also generate driver alerts.

EROAD testimonial

Tony Warwood
The Executive General Manager of EROAD Australia and New Zealand. How he started in the trucking industry as a mechanic and then transitioned in to sales. Tony has been with EROAD for 10 years and says that every day at EROAD is a different day and every day is exciting and new.

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