EROAD invests in strengthened capabilities

EROAD has now completed the leadership investment planned for FY19, ensuring the company is more robust and well positioned for continued growth across all markets.

EROAD’s chief executive Steven Newman outlined that the company’s focus would always include delivering and improving the servicing of its existing customer base, while simultaneously managing the demands of continued growth. “We’ve been very clear about our intention to strengthen the leadership team with increased capabilities for our future growth. We’ve now completed this, with a strong and talented team in place” said Mr Newman.

While EROAD has attracted some industry heavyweights into their fold, Mr Newman confirmed that this is not just about new hires. EROAD’s success has been largely due to its accuracy and reliability in regulatory telematics and the ease of use for transport operators and regulators.  Jarred Clayton has been integral in this success and holding a range of roles on the leadership team since joining the company back in 2008.

Mr Newman continued “it’s strategically important that Jarred has the time to focus on continued delivery of our innovative platforms. Strengthening the team enables this and is reflected in changing his role from the current Chief Operating Officer to Chief Technology Officer”.

Mr Clayton confirmed his latest title change adding “I'm excited to refocus on our technology strategy to lead the solving of customer problems and disrupting the future through exploration in EROAD ventures”.

Other leadership changes include new roles and appointments to existing roles:

  • EVP Global Operations is a newly created role. Matt Dalton has been appointed to this role and will focus on delivering cohesive operational procedures across EROAD’s global markets for both supply chain and business systems. Matt was previously at Yellow New Zealand.
  • Sarah Thompson also joins EROAD in the role of VP Product. This global role will oversee product research and development for all markets. Sarah joins the company from a similar role at Orion Health.
  • Liz Barnett commenced in the new role of Director of Marketing (Australia & New Zealand), establishing a new team to market EROAD products and services across the ANZ markets.
  • Sue-Ellen Craig has started in the new role of Director of Communications, providing global public relations and corporate communications.
  • Mike Sweet joined as Chief People Officer, overseeing recruitment and culture globally.
  • Alex Ball has commenced as the Chief Financial Officer, bringing significant experience gained working in NZX listed utility and service companies.
  • Genevieve Tearle joined in the new role of Chief Marketing Officer, directing global marketing activity to ensure a solid sales pipeline.  

Mr Newman said “That we have attracted and retained talented people is testimony to the importance we place on a values-based culture, an employee platform that promotes balance and our shared belief that every community deserves safer roads that can be sustainably funded.”


For further information please contact:

Sue-Ellen Craig                             +64 21 577 685 
Director of Communications


  • EROAD believes every community deserves safer roads that can be sustainably funded. This is why EROAD develops technology solutions (products and services) that manage vehicle fleets, support regulatory compliance, improve driver safety and reduce the costs associated with driving.  EROAD also provides valuable data analytics to universities, government agencies and others who research, trial and evaluate future transport networks. This data enables those who use the roads to influence the design, management and funding of future transport networks.
  • EROAD launched with the purpose of modernizing New Zealand’s paper-based road user charging system. By 2009 EROAD had introduced the world’s first nationwide electronic road user charging system and now around 80% of the electronically collected heavy vehicle road user charges in New Zealand are being collected using EROAD technology. By December 2018, this had delivered NZ$2.3B to NZTA for the sustainability of the NZ transport network. In the USA EROAD introduced the first electronic Weight Mile Tax service (2014) and the first independently verified Electronic Logging Device service (2017).
  • In 2018 EROAD received the Brake Fleet Safety Award acknowledging EROAD’s positive impact in creating safer drivers, vehicles and roads. EROAD products and services have received multiple awards and the company appears in the Deloitte Fast 50 Master of Growth, Asia Pacific.
  • EROAD (ERD) is listed on the NZX, employs almost 300 staff located across NZ, Australia and North America.
  • EROAD staff have the choice of remote working to support a work-life balance, with staff benefits consistent across all offices. For example this means that staff employed in North America enjoy the same parental leave entitlements as those in NZ, despite the USA not having legislation that requires this. Our employee engagement survey shows that 84% of staff are proud to work for EROAD and would recommend it as a great place to work. Our culture is very much orientated around inclusion, underpinned by a formal D&I strategy and a high emphasis on our values. Wellbeing is a positive and daily focus. 2/3 employees are engaged in a three month walkathon; we’re operating global “Lean-in” development circles; frequent walking meetings; an active volunteering and social calendar and an employee driven recognition program.


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